From the early stages, particular attention was paid to the intricate and smooth opening/closing mechanism of the hatch.

The opening and closing of four hatches using the link mechanism appears stunning and creates a feeling of excitement in the pilot.

hatch image


Hatch with a Safe Entering / Exiting Cockpit

To support the entering / exiting of the cockpit, a ladder and two accompanying railings are placed at the front of the body and at the entrance of the cockpit.

Not only do these make for a stable entry and exit with the three-point support, but additionally create a good appearance as a part of the design.

Archax concept ladder image


Archax annotated links


The joysticks are located on both sides of the seat.

Tilting to the front, back, left and right is controlled by six switches on the joysticks and two rocker switches.

Cockpit joystick


At the foot compartment of the cockpit, seesaw-style pedals are placed horizontally on the right and vertically on the left.

The heel part of both of the pedals have foot switches that allow the hatch to open/close.

Cockpit pedal


The touch screen located on the right displays the condition of the ARCHAX's body.

Some movements such as mode changing and moving of the head can be operated using the touchscreen.

Cockpit switch


There are also switches for an emergency stop

and changing of operation methods (onboard / remote) surrounding the joysticks.

Cockpit touchpanel


A Scale Mock-up Model

In the process of development, a scale mock-up model was used to test multiple operation methods and placements at a millimeter-level to create the intricate controlling devices.

image of interior 01

Quad Monitor Setup

The 4 built-in monitors that display the images relayed from the exterior cameras are placed to face the front, back, left and right of ARCHAX.

The 9 cameras will be switched automatically to always give the pilot an optimal view while steering.

In addition to camera views, the information needed to steer the robot, such as the speed, tilt of the body, and status of the batteries, arms, and body are displayed.

image of interior 02