safety top

ARCHAX underwent a risk assessment based upon international standards (ISO/IEC Guide51・ISO12100).

After examining it according to the safety standard references, we have complied to the contents of the assessment and applied the safety requirement specifications to our design.

Emergency Stop

The emergency switches are located inside the cockpit, as well as at the end of all four of ARCHAX's legs, making it possible to stop the movement of the entire robot anytime.

When the emergency stop switch is pressed, it performs a deceleration stop (stop category 1), ensuring safety.

safety emergency stop
Movement of the Joints

A three-step prevention system (software limit, limit switches, and hard stoppers) will act as a protection against joint overruns.

When it is not powered, it maintains the posture with a holding brake.

The driving motor system is compliant with safety standards (IEC 61800-5-2).

safety joint
Fall Prevention

It utilizes the same fall prevention concept as that of construction machinery. (the robot mode: 20 degrees / the vehicle mode: 30 degrees)

The system shuts off when the body tilts 5 degrees or greater in any direction.

The system shuts off when the difference between the length of the left and right front leg cylinders exceeds the threshold.

safety falling stability

The cockpit's hatch is configured to open/close only when all four switches (located near both hands and feet) are pressed by all four of the pilot's limbs, preventing the possible pinching or injuring of the limbs.

A contact sensor is placed at the hatch, immediately stopping an opening/closing movement the moment that a pinch occurs.

safety cockpit

The equipment layout is based upon ergonomic and safety standards (JIS A 8407・ISO 6682).

safety interface
Status Lamp

LEDs are placed throughout the exterior.

Apart from the LEDs acting as a part of the design, it has the function of signal lights for displaying the status of the robot and its driving mode.

It is designed so that the conditions of ARCHAX are visible from all directions.

safety status lamp 01
safety status lamp 02
safety status lamp 03
Emergency Exit Hatch

Though the electric cylinders power the opening / closing of the hatch in a normal situation, the hatch can be manually open/closed by pulling out the pin in an emergency situation.

In case of the main hatch not being able to reopen after ARCHAX falls over, an alternative escape route is available from another emergency escape hatch located at the back of the cockpit.

safety escape hatch
Standard References
The pilot gets onboard and operates the robot.
Safety standards of construction machinery (JIS A 8340-1・ISO 20474-1)
The safety systems are based upon industrial robots.
Safety standards of industrial robots (JIS B 8433-1・ISO 10218-1)
Functional safety
Designed with compliance to functional safety standards (JIS B 9705-1・ISO 13849-1).
The controller and driving motors are compliant to the functional safety standards.