ARCHAX has "mode change", a transformation function which is required for our robot.

Its posture can be changed by extending the front legs forward and folding the arms.


The Seat Adjustable to Body's Tilt

When ARCHAX transforms from robot mode to vehicle mode, the cockpit will also be tilted forward by 17 degrees by extending the front legs.
The seat will automatically lean backward at the same degree to keep the upright alignment of the pilot.

Robot Mode
Mode in which all moving parts
are operable

Vehicle Mode
Mode that specializes
in folding arms for movement

  • Robot Mode

    In robot mode, its function can reach its full potential as a humanoid robot.
    All the parts can be manipulated with a high degree of freedom. The arms, hands, and waist are controlled by 2 joysticks and the drive system by 2 pedals.
    The motion of all movable parts can follow intuitive operations. Mastering the operation of ARCHAX will allow the pilot to achieve a unity with it.

    Drive Capability

    Height: 4.5m
    Moving speed: 2km/h

    Moving Parts
    All the joints / servo motors

    Archax PV

  • Vehicle Mode

    It transforms by extending the front legs 60 degrees forward and folding the arms to the sides.
    By securing any movable parts, it can achieve its top speed of 10km/h with simple operability and enhanced drive motor capability.

    Drive Capability

    Height: 3.9m 
    Moving speed: 10km/h

    Moving Parts
    Front-wheel steering
    Rear-wheel drive

    Archax PV