Manually Operating, Perfectly Functioning, Cool Looking

ARCHAX is not just a giant robot that can be boarded.
The operator can enter the cockpit and move it around freely.
Each and every part moves with enough speed, rigidity, and power.

And last but not least, it looks cool.

In order to make it into a robot that has it all,
we identified all possible issues and overcame them,
applying the ideal values to the design specifications.

Archax specification image


Height:4.5m Weight:3.5t Modes:Robot Mode / Vehicle Mode Top Speed:10km/h (Vehicle Mode) Steering / Drivetrain:Front-wheel Steering / Rear Wheel Drive Engine:Battery-powered (DC300V) Number of Joints:26 Mode of Operation:Onboard Operation / Remote Operation Operating Device:2 Joysticks / 2 Pedals / Touch Screen Display System:4 Displays / 9 Cameras
4 Displays / 9 Cameras
(Switching between multiple camera feeds)
Frame:Iron (SS400) / Aluminum Alloy Exterior:FRP / 3D Printer (ASA)


Offering a New Form of Robot Operation

The concept of ARCHAX is of "onboard operation".

Operator opens the hatch and gets onboard.

This allows for operation with a sense of unity with the robot.

Offering this new piloting experience is a concept we valued throughout our development of the ARCHAX.

Archax concept image 01

Integration of Mechanical and Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic design was never compromised for mechanical design.

Similarly, no compromise was made with the mechanical performance for the aesthetic design.

We aim to create superbly designed robots with mechanical perfection, with mechanical engineers and graphic designers keeping close collaboration.

Archax concept image 02

Machine Safety According to International Standards

We didn't simply create a giant robot that can be boarded.

It's our responsibility as a developer and manufacturer to provide a safely operable robot.

We achieved the creation of highly reliable products after performing rigid risk assessments according to ISO and JIS standards.

Archax concept image 03

360° VIEW

Sapphire Blue
Pearl White
Spark Red
Atlantis Green
Midnight Purple